and Family

Christianity's role in marriage and family

  • Married couples become one with each other
  • Christian values set household standards
  • Traditions bring family together forever


According to the book of Genesis, every person should eventually leave their childhood home, join in union with a spouse, and create their own space. But when finances make it difficult to do this, especially in our modern economy, couples should find something more modest and practical that will allow them to start their own family in their own home. Upgrading to a larger home is always an option as the family grows in number.


The dating days are exciting and fun, but that often wears off when the vows have been said and real-life sets in. When you are surrounded by bills, stress, and raising a family, it’s important that couples continue to court and try to strengthen each other. According to Proverbs, 1 Corinthians, and Romans, affection and kindness are important to pleasing both husband and wife, and spouses should always give preference to each other over anyone else.


The books of Matthew and Romans highlight the fact that marriage should not end in separation or divorce. In a Christian family, the need for divorce and child custody attorneys should not even be an option, if a married couple follows true Christian principles. While adultery committed by one spouse does allow for a couple to divorce, the preferred Christian method is to work through the problem and find a path to forgiveness.