Every year the city that never sleeps finally seems to awaken from its long winter nap. The old habits of hiding in neighborhood bars, waiting for that blizzard to slow down, are replaced. Soon you will be able to watch old men drinking themselves silly in the parks or townie girls walking down the street in short skirts, laughing at drunken old men. You have to love a city like this! So here are some favorite sights to watch, for that will tell you spring is on its way to the Big Apple.


This is one that never fails to astonish the home crew. Every year thousands of tourists, especially Japanese tourists, flock to New York City to photograph the trees erupting in bloom. If you didn't know better you would think that they didn't have any trees that bloom in Japan. But whatever the reason, a blooming cherry tree in mid-Manhattan will be surrounded by tourists taking pictures, a sure sign of spring.


Of course, the moment the weather is good enough to sit outside, the best shows will be at places like Union Square. Here you will see high school girls ditching school so they can giggle and put on makeup in public. Surrounding them are the old men trying to get a quick look of a bit more and never succeeding. Of course, the outer circle is a group of New York's finest, keeping an eye on everyone.


Finally, it isn't spring until you hear the squeals from the great prom dress hunt reverberating across the many prom dress stores in new york city. This hunt is more serious than a deer hunt as no girl wants to be seen with the same dress as someone else is wearing. She may be the demure school newspaper editor in school, but watch out if you are on the receiving end of a tussle for her target dress.